Major Mayhem Objective/Challenges Guide

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This guide took longer to write than I expected. And it was longer than I expected. So I split it into two parts, the first 75 and then the final 75. These 75 objectives you can earn without having to spend money in the app-store, or purchasing the higher end weapons. The weapons I bought with the coins earned via objectives were the assault rifle, auto shotgun, P99, and sniper. Finishing these 75 objectives will earn you the Hard Man medal.

Get To The Chopper!

Rewards 50g. Accomplished after first briefing with President.

Remove Five Enemy Hats

Rewards 50g. Accomplished when you shoot off five enemy hats. Doesn’t have to be in a row. If having troubles due to fat fingers, use the sniper rifle. Otherwise, easy to do. Aim for baddies’s hats.

Get A Multiplier of x10

Rewards 50g. Get a couple chain kills in a row with the pistols, or two quick draws. Remember, multiplier is not the damage you dealt.

Get A Close Shave

Rewards 50g. Be bold and stay out of cover as a bullet heads towards you.

Deflect An Enemy Bullet

Rewards 50g. Fiddly to accomplish with the pistol, I think. Like A Close Shave, be bold and shoot at red projectiles. Try to do this one when enemies a further away.

Defeat 50 Enemies

Rewards 50g. Kills add up over missions and games.

Rescue A Hostage

Rewards 50g.

Earn A Head Shot Streak

Rewards 50g. Kill two baddies via head shots in a row.

Shoot Down An Enemy Jet

Rewards 50g. They’re fast.

Send An Enemy Flying 20 Meters

Rewards 50g. The sniper rifle, if you buy it, will send enemies flying. So will grenades.

Change Your Weapon In The Armory

Rewards 50g. If you still have the pistol and haven’t spent any money by now, the sniper is a great weapon to buy in the armory. You’ll need it for shooting baddies through walls.

Shoot A Chicken

Rewards 50g. Chickens can be found in most levels.

Pick Up Some Armor

Rewards 50g. First get hit by a red projectile, or fall into spikes. Next, rescue a hostage. If injured, hostages always drop armor.

Defeat A Red Bonus Ninja

Rewards 50g. One of the easier ninjas are in the Tropics Mission 3. He pops up from behind a hut at the right side of the river.

Shoot An Enemy Full Of Bullets

Rewards 50. using any gun, keep shooting a single baddie, even when dead. Takes, I think, more than five bullets. Hard to do with sniper; can be done with pistol.

Jump 5 Times

Rewards 50. Tap screen with two fingers five times in a row.

Trigger A Power Up

Rewards 50. Purchase a power up from the Armoury, or wait for a rescued hostage to drop a power up.

Defeat 10 Enemies Shirtless

Rewards 50. Defeating enemies as Robo Mayhem does not count

Earn 10 000 Mayhem In A Single Mission

Rewards 50. Check out my high score guide; readers have left some great suggestions.

Collect 100 Coins

Rewards 50. Coins collected during missions only count.

Get A Double Kill

Rewards 50. Don’t confuse with chain kill. Two ways to complete: explosive weapons such as launchers and grenades or a weapon that shoots through objects, hitting an enemy behind another.

Impale Yourself On Spikes

Rewards 50. First spikes appear in Tropics Mission 8.

Defeat An enemy Just Before They Shoot A Dangerous, Red Projectile

Rewards 50. Earn a Quick Draw. Be bold and keep shooting baddies as they pop up.

Explode 3 Barrels

Rewards 50. Tropics Mission 7 is the first mission to have 3 barrels.

Run 1 Kilometre

Rewards 50. Each mission is a different length. First Five Tropics missions will complete this.

Get A Multiplier Of x20

Rewards 50. Easy. Chain kills, head shots and hat hits will rack your multiplier up.

Kill 100 Enemies With The Pistol

Rewards 50. I am confident the Magnum does not count towards this.

Shoot Down 3 Jets

Rewards 50. Missions 6, Mission 8

Earn A Chicken Combo

Rewards 50. Shoot chickens. There are chickens in almost every level.

Perform A Dive Roll

Rewards 50. Tropics Mission 10, you can perform a dive roll from the bridge, after annihilating baddies in the village below, without jumping.

Trigger The Hero Time Power Up

Rewards 50. Pick up the hero time power up from the armoury, or hope a hostage drops the power up.

Trigger A Barrel Chain Reaction

Rewards 50. At least two barrels required. Explode only one, letting it explode the next one. Metropolis mission 7 has numerous barrels set up for chain reactions.

Defeat An enemy With A Hand Grenade

Rewards 50. Hand grenades at the start of Tropics Mission 11.

Rescue 5 Hostages In A Row

Rewards 50. Does not have to be in the same mission. Killing a hostage will break the row.

Trigger An Airstrike Power Up

Rewards 50. Pick up the airstrike power up from the armoury, or hope a hostage drops one.

Kill 50 Enemies With The Shotgun

Rewards 50. Automatic Shotgun doesn’t count towards this objective.

Trigger Robo Mayhem Power Up

Rewards 50. Just like the other power up achievements.

Get Over 200 Damage In A Single Combo

Rewards 50. The faster weapon the better. The Plasma Rifle is my suggestion. If you don’t have the cash, the Assault Rifle and P99 will do just as well. If having troubles, try purchasing super bullets.

Defeat An Enemy With A Barrel Explosion

Rewards 50. Simply kill an enemy by shooting a barrel. Most later missions have barrels.

Remove 5 Hats From Dead Enemies

Rewards 50. Shoot the hat when the enemy is dead, rather than when they are alive.

Purchase An Item From The Armoury

Rewards 50. How it sounds.

Make An Elephant Cry

Rewards 50. Tropics Mission 10 there is a herd of elephants. Shoot one and it’ll cry.

Get Dropped Off 3 Times

Rewards 50. You can restart a mission 3 times to complete the objective.

Climb An Object

Rewards 50. Most missions will give you this objective, especially Metropolis missions. Whenever you jump to another ledge, you are considered climbing an object.

Leap Onto The Chopper

Rewards 50. Basically, finish a mission. I’d suggest finish a briefing for the quickest access to a chopper.

Defeat An Enemy While Jumping

Rewards 50. Can only be done during a run and gun, or as you are moving from one ledge to another as as jets are flying by. This one is tricky, actually. Jumping and shooting at the same time isn’t easy to do. During Metropolis mission 8, while jumping from a ledge, I shot into the air andhit a jet. This did it for me.

Change Your Helmet

Rewards 50. Will have to purchase a helmet. Visit the armoury. I saved Purchase An Item From The Armoury for this.

Rescue 3 Hostages In A Row Without Being Hurt

Rewards 50. Killing a hostage or getting hit will break your accumulation.

Splash Around

Rewards 50. Find a body of water and jump in such as pool, pond, river.

Defeat 10 Enemies While Running

Rewards 50. Chickens don’t count. Metropolis 8 has a great run and gun with barrels you can explode to finish this objective quickly.

Use A Continue

Rewards 50. You can buy one from the armoury. I haven’t seen a hostage drop one, but you can find a free one from completing objectives. A continue allows you to, well, continue your game if you were K.I.A..

Trigger The Super Bullets Power Up

Rewards 100. Buy from the armoury, pick up after saving a hostage, or win from objectives.

Win A Boss Fight

Rewards 100. The Dogs of War are the easiest boss to kill, in my opinion. They are Mission 15 in the Tropics.

Deflect An enemy Projectile While Running

Rewards 100. While doing Win A Boss Fight, I did this one. The first part of fighting the Dogs of War is a run and gun. So using the hero time power-up, and the P99 I quickly finished the objective. You don’t need to use hero time, it just helps out.

Fall To Your Death

Rewards 100. Metropolis missions leaves many opportunities to drop to drop the Major to his death. You only have to fall once.

Remove 50 Enemy Hats

Rewards 100. Easy.

Get A Triple Kill

Rewards 100. Easiest way to get this is through an explosive weapon. I had a hard time finding three enemies popping up near each other when I had grenades. Same troubles with barrels. If you don’t have the cash for an explosive weapon, use the air strike in Desert Mission 2 when you see the four baddies popping up from the tent.

Kill A Tank

Rewards 100. the Dogs of War tanks count for this objective. I killed them.

Defeat 100 Enemies With The Uzi

Rewards 100. I hate the Uzi because of its shitty accuracy and low clip size.

Get 10 Headshots In A Row

Rewards 100. The combo will break if you kill a baddie not with a head shot.

Complete A Mission Without Being Hurt

Rewards 100. If you’re having a hard time, replay Mission 1 in the Tropics.

Get Shot As Robo Mayhem

Rewards 100. Put on the suit, deflect bullets with your chest, and earn this objective.

Defeat 100 Enemies With An Automatic Weapon

Rewards 100. Automatic weapons include Uzi, P99, Assualt Rifle, Light Machine Gun, Plasma Rifle, Automatic Shotgun, Automatic Sniper, Automatic Launcher.

Defeat 10 Enemies With Barrel Explosions

Rewards 100. I went back to the Metropolis missions, since many of those missions have barrel. During the run and gun in Metropolis Mission 14 there are almost a dozen barrels you can explode to kill more than ten baddies.

Earn 5000 Mayhem From A single Damage Combo

Rewards 100. Feeling lazy, I purchased a bullet power-up, an airstrike and used the assault rifle. Didn’t use the airstrike. In the first section of Metroplis Mission 14, I reached 5000 mayhem with the bullet power-up. The beefy baddies take a lot of damage. Also, while exploding barrels in Mission 14 of the Metropolis I reached just under 10 000 mayhem without any power-ups.

Get 10 Close Shaves Without Being Hurt

Rewards 100. Tropics Mission 2, the projectiles are very slow. I allow one baddy who through projectiles to survive, and kept dodging.

Defeat 10 Enemies With Hand Grenades

Rewards 100. In Dessert Mission 9, there are eight baddies you can nail with hand grenades.

Collect 100 Coins In One Mission

Rewards 100. This one can be difficult, I found. Most Missions you can earn over fifty gold, including hostage rescues. Coins from objectives don’t count, but Mayhem awards do. Hostage rescues provide 10 coins. Baddies give 1 coin each, and vehicle kills earn you 5 coins. With the plasma rifle, you can earn huge Mayhem and score enough bonus coin to earn this objective.

Deflect 15 Enemy Projectiles

Rewards 100. Hero time, plus a plasma rifle or sniper will make this objective wasy to complete. What I did was wait behind cover, like the Close Shave objective, and deflect fifteen projectiles before moving on.

Kill 3 Hostages In A Row

Rewards 100. Finally! Rewarded for murdering the bearded freaks! Saving a hostage will reset the counter.

Shoot 10 Chickens

Rewards 100. Chickens are scattered through out the missions.

Defeat 10 Enemies By Shooting Through Objects

Rewards 100. When they duck behind walls, doors, etc you can shoot them with weapons that have the bility to shoot through walls. You can shoot through walls with the bullet power-up.

Defeat 100 Ninjas

Rewards 100. This will take about three Tropics Missions. Red Ninjas count towards the 100.

Earn 30 000 Mayhem In A Single Mission

Rewards 100. Easy. Most missions you can earn at least 100 000 mayhem with the plasma rifle and a bullet power-up.

Take Cover 50 Times

Rewards 100. Whenever you pop out of cover to shoot and then hide again will count towards this objective.

Achieve A New High Score On Any Mission

Rewards 100. If you haven’t played the missions, you will earn this reward easy. Otherwise, you gotta beat your high score.