How To Win With Bacteria In Plague Inc.

Let’s face it, Plague Inc. isn’t an easy game, and I think that’s because of how much depth there is to the game. It’s you versus the world, it shouldn’t be easy. It took me three games until I won, but before that I was becoming a bit frustrated. Games today make it very easy to win, to move on, but Plague Inc. requires the gamer to strategize, and adapt to the world’s tactics. This will be a short tutorial on how I won my first couple games, and how I am finding some success with the other diseases. Unfortunately, this strategy isn’t perfect, but it will spread to every country, even the Greenland (which can be a bitch if the world is researching a cure early one).

The first thing you want to do is begin in China because China is where the most people live. If your disease is infecting more people quickly, then you will gain DNA points faster. Another great thing about China is it is a part of the biggest continent, thus the disease has access to Russia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

The first symptom to invest DNA into is ‘Coughing’, then ‘Cysts’ and ‘Rash’. Finally, invest points into transmission ‘Air 1’. This will grant access to ‘Sweating’ and ‘Hyper Sensitivity’ to infect Russia, Canada, and Greenland faster. I have found the cold climates to be the toughest to infect and kill with bacteria. The next investment is ‘Bacterial Resilience 1’. These will help the disease spread quickly, especially in hot and cold climates (China is neutral). We won’t pick any other transmission perks for now because we don’t know where the disease will have a hard time infecting. If the world, while researching a cure, notices animals, insects, etc are spreading the disease, they will begin exterminating them.


The disease should be infecting China rapidly at this point. Once the disease starts spreading, your DNA points will sky rocket. We need to keep this momentum going, or else the disease will fizzle once the world notices it’s spreading.

At this point, we will invest points into ‘Air 2’, and put points into both ‘Drug Resistance 1’ and ‘Drug Resistance 2’. China will have noticed the disease by now, but we wont be hasty and give our bacteria aggressive symptoms. When the world comes together to stop the disease, we will put out points into aggressive symptoms, but for now we will continue to make our disease very infectious.

To keep the momentum going still, invest points into symptoms show below. These will unlocks needed paths later, as well as increase infectiousness without making the disease lethal.

If the disease is not spreading in Africa and The Middle east, invest points into ‘Livestock 1’, ‘Blood 1’, and ‘Insect 1’.If the disease is not spreading in Europe and North America, invest points into ‘Rodent 1’ Greenland is tricky to infect because the disease can pass only by boat. If the world starts sterilizing boats, dump points into ‘Water’, and ‘Air 3’.

All countries should be infected at this point, and the world will be working on a cure. We have to act fast. We will invest points into ‘Insomnia’, ‘Paralysis’, ‘Seizures’, and ‘Insomnia’. These will make a cure harder to attain, and begin killing the population. We do not want to kill the population too fast, however, as the disease will kill all its hosts before finishing spreading. This is a frustrating way to lose! To be safe, we will also put points into ‘Genetic Reshuffle 1’ and ‘Genetic Hardening 1’.

When the disease has infected all humans, we can put all points into aggressive symptoms to kill the world before it finds a cure. In my current game, I put points into ‘Total Organ Failure’, which killed the population quickly.

Worst case scenario is a single country remains with a huge population that is healthy, and the disease is killing more people than it is infecting. If this happens, you should devolve symptoms that will kill its hosts, then try and invest points into abilities that would help the disease survive.

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Lastly, this was my first try at adding pictures to a post, so I am not sure how well it will look, and if I will keep doing it.