How To Infect Greenland In Plague Inc.

Greenland is one of the hardest countries in Plague Inc. to infect because it’s cold, only path of spreading is by boat, and it has a small population spread thin. The easiest way to infect Greenland would be to start your disease there, however, that would slow your disease down, and increase the chances you can win with your disease. Start in China, like I mentioned in my guide to winning with bacteria.

In this guide I will provide tips to successfully infect Greenland, and I will be using the Virus (no real reason, just feel like it).

Greenland is cold, so it is in your best interest to invest points into ‘Cold Resistance 1 & 2’. Unless your disease started in a cold country. The only two transmission perks that will help you spread your disease to Greenland are ‘Air 1, 2 & 3’ and ‘Water 1 & 2’. ‘Water 1’ should be work for spreading your disease via boats, unless the world is disinfecting boats, if this is the case you will need to upgrade to ‘Water 2’. ‘Air’ is great because it allows your disease to spread long distances. You want your disease to infect Europe or North America for easy access to Greenland, so starting your disease in Canada is not a bad idea as Canada will grant your disease natural cold resistance. The down side is, Canada is slow to infect.

Now, you need to keep your disease as lethaless as possible. If countries stop deploying boats, then it is impossible to infect Greenland, and you will lose as a result. Since I am using virus, I reserved 10 DNA to de-evolve any symptoms that can be considered lethal. But I had to invest points into abilities that would slow cure research.

In little time, all countries were infected, even the notorious Greenland.