The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited Doesn’t Suck

Elder Scrolls Online is finally finding its direction

If I bring up this game to my friends, they hastily claim “well, that game sucks.” But they’ve never played it—they’ve only read online other people claiming it sucks: people who also read online from other people that it sucks. It seems, The Elder Scrolls Online is a victim of a collectively imagined reality. Gamers

Avengers: Age of Ultron Review

Too many strings attatched

Goodbye Joss Whedon It’s sad to see Joss Whedon depart from the Marvel movie franchises, on the one hand. Whedon has a gift for making characters pop on-screen; that is, he is a master at dialogue—especially in the tight time frame of the modern cinematic medium. Characterization and dialogue in contemporary film are competing for

Returning to League of Legends

The MOBA genre is becoming crowded

League of Legends Then and Now Returning to League of Legends is nothing like returning to your old childhood bicycle that has been buried beneath a tarp in the garage, half-forgotten. I decided to re-download LoL after a two year “hiatus.” I’ve taken month-long breaks before, and typically return to ranked play, warning my team



How to Beat Face Hunter in Hearthstone

Tips from a Legendary Player

Is Face Hunter making you have second thoughts about your future career in Hearthstone? How can you be legendary and earn those Blizzcon points with all these militant Face Hunters crowding the ladder? How will anyone take your Twitch Stream seriously if you can’t even beat one of the most generic and cheesy decks in

Lissandra Runes/Masteries S5

How to play Lissandra in League of Legends

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