Earning Gold in Heroes of the Storm

An overview of gold and hero costs in HoTS

Heroes of the Storm has come under quite a bit of scrutiny by its players over its monetization scheme. Arguably, HoTS asks a lot from its player’s wallets. At an average of 9.99USD a skin and a hero, participating in everything HoTS has to offer is an expensive dream. When you think about it, a

Why Destiny House of Wolves Sucks

Easy to love, easy to hate

Destiny will never escape the claws of overbearing criticism. Neither will it fail to be adored by millions. I most certainly adore it. Whether this is a result of game mechanics fine-tuned to keep player addicted like gamblers with slot machines (that is, specifically messing with the reward-pleasure mechanics of our brain) or because Destiny

Is Mad Max: Fury Road Feminist?

The furious question

The topic of feminism puts the Internet on the fritz. The conflict is characterized by the generalization that it is Tumblr Warriors versus 4Chan with Reddit as some sort of bastion of supposed neutrality—it’s really not as progressive and liberal as it first appears. The Internet fears Feminism. For some reason, it is too radical.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited Doesn’t Suck

Elder Scrolls Online is finally finding its direction

If I bring up this game to my friends, they hastily claim “well, that game sucks.” But they’ve never played it—they’ve only read online other people claiming it sucks: people who also read online from other people that it sucks. It seems, The Elder Scrolls Online is a victim of a collectively imagined reality. Gamers